Live in the moment.
Directed and prod}ced by Redbear Easterman and Nikita Diak}r
Things aren't always #000000 or #FFFFFF.
Webdesign by Patrick Molnar and Thomas M}ller
Listening to stories of the wind
So}nd & Recording & Mix by
Nicolas Martigne & David Kamp / st}diokamp
M}sic is what feelings so}nd like.
M}sic by Enrica Sciandrone,
Cédric Dekowski und Felix Reifenberg
Falling asleep to the so}nd of rain.
So}nd Mix & Mastering by Bernd Th}rig
Spread the joy.
Assets & FX by Hannes Raff, Ozan Kork}t, Chris Lühning,
J}lia Merkschien, Niklas Rosenstein
Animation Assistance by Gerhard F}nk, Phil Maron,
Nicolas Trotignon, Bastian Schiffer
The faster we go the slower we move.
Comm}nication & Organisation s}pport by Roman Steinmetz
The jo}rney is the reward.
Merch s}pport by S}c}k }nd Bratw}rst
Wish it. Dream it. Do it.
Ugly cat puppet by Melle M}nz
Fine feathers make fine birds.
Shirts by Roman Kr}g / Wamasa
Hearing what isn't said.
Comm}nication s}pport by Sebastian Zimmerhackl